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About Woodworm Party Store

Woodworm Party Store is a family-owned and operated business on the Central Coast of California.  located in Capitola. Woodworm prides itself in contributing to the community. Woodworm has a goal of being a community leader and serving non-profits throughout Santa Cruz County. Since opening its doors in 1973, Woodworm has donated to multiple non-profits and local schools​


Where does the name Woodworm come from?


John and Donna Manning first opened Woodworm located in the Capitola Village in 1973. Originally, Woodworm sold wood products such as doll houses, jewelry boxes, mug racks, and refurnished children’s furniture all hand-made by John Manning. Over the years, Woodworm has sold a variety of things such as: jeans and tie-dye t-shirts in the 70s, miniatures, doll houses, and imported toys. In 1983, Woodworm left Capitola Village and moved next to Nob Hill Grocery Store and became the party store you know today. Donna the mother of five children loved throwing parties especially birthday parties so selling party supplies was a perfect fit.


Today Woodworm is owned and run by John and Donna’s oldest daughter Cherie Robideaux with help from their three children Abbie Stevens, Beth Paiva, and Jason Robideaux. Beth Paiva, a culinary school graduate, manages the Capitola store and offers cake decorating classes. More recently, Woodworm is selling customized birthday cake creations by Beth Paiva making the Woodworm your one-stop party store.

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